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The DSL cross model framework aims to enable cross-model support for Microsoft's DSL tools for Visual Studio. The framework provides an API and UI features like UI Type Editors, dialogs and tool windows. The framework is designed as an alternative to the discontinued Designer Integration Powertoy developed by Microsoft. Initially the framework will allow referencing model elements in another model file contained in the same solution or in a resource in a referenced assembly.

Current Status

The source code is not yet in a usable state. Some features are still being added and refactoring is necessary along with unit test coverage. Also a GAT package needs to be written to enable easy integration with DSLs

Planned Features

  • Visual Studio 2008 Support
  • Referencing models in same solution or referenced assemblies via embedded resources.
  • UI pickers for common scenarios.
  • Customization of views of the domain models in UI components using custom relationship, icon and naming definitions.
  • Model Explorer tool window with drag & drop.
  • Text Transform support.
  • Lazy loading of domain models
  • Linked List based path API for storing and manipulating serializable paths through the domain model(s)


An Example Model using Cross Model Referencing
Model Referencing

The Cross Model Picker UI
Model Referencing Picker


Microsoft DSL Tools for Visual Studio

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